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We can supply the following machineries.

Mixing / Milling / Blending / Drying, etc Packing / Processing
Micropulversier – 100&250 KG Rotary Bottle Cleaning M/C
Multi Mill Semi-Automatic 6-H Filler
Sifter Automatic 6-H Filler
Colloid Mill Vaccumetric Filling M/C
Rotary Cone Vaccumier Rotary Filling M/C
Coating Pan 36 & 48 IA Motorised Cap Sealing M/C
Power & Mass Mixer SS Jacketed Vessel
Double Cone Blender 60-3000L SS Storage Tanks 100-250L
Ribbon Blender SS Slat Conveyor
Polygonal Blender Vial Filling M/C
Sigma Machine  

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Micropulvariser Colloid Double Code Blender Double code Blender Filling Machine
Micropulvariser Colloid Mill Double Cone
Blender 60-3000L
Double Cone
Blender 60-3000L
Filling Machine
Lap sigma Mixer Multi Mill Magnifier Shifter Liquid filling Machine Coating Pan
Lap Sigma Mixer Multi Mill Magnifier Sifter Liquid filling Machine Coatin Pan
Mechanical Sifter Rotary Bottle Washing Machine      
Mechanical Sifter Rotary bottle
Washing Machine
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